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Our Voice Matters

Encouragement, comfort, advice. Whatever help our individual members need, Y.E.P. is always here to provide. We are a diverse group of people sharing common experiences and concerns with one another.We will cover real life problems, peer pressure, education, saying NO to drugs, safe driving, building positive socials circles, work ethic, self care, nutrition/fitness, maintaining healthy friendships and MORE! 

These are group sessions that cover life skills, and empower young people to be their best- lead by an amazing team of coaches.

For preteens and teens ages 12-19 (groups broken down by age).
Students must be in middle or high school to attend.
Virtual weekly sessions and monthly activity outings.
This is a positive outlet and covid safe way to socialize!

This is a FREE program.
Registration is $100 for a full term (12 month). This fee includes t-shirt, journal and curriculum materials for the term.

Although based in GA, our program is virtual and available to students across the country and outside the US. 
Contact us to register or if you’d like schedule a free consultation. 

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Team Assignments

Motivational Speaker

Guest Speakers

Group of Friends

Field Trips

Doing Homework

Hands-on homework assignments

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